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Stress Essay -- essays research papers

In years past, c beers were milest peerlesss, which demonstrated successful accomplishments within our lives. men utilized their careers to stake claim in society a counsel to categorize their familys worth. H wholenessy, Ill be working late this evening both(prenominal)times signified that the gang would have a long evening of crunching numbers, entertaining clients, or even smoking cigars with the boss while public lecture shop. If life went according to plan, and you chose the perfect career, the worst part of your workday would be choosing the trump tie to match your navy pinstripe suit. Well, things have certainly changed. Careers are no longer guaranteed based on who-ya-know concepts. Today, young men and women both(prenominal) prepare frantically in high school to have the best grades and make the right contacts to ensure that once they graduate, they are accepted in a top-notch colleges, in hopes to transition into the perfect career. Little do they know, that be fi x of the changing times, high demands, advancement in technology, liberal concepts, unethical business practices, etc., careers are no longer work filled bliss and may cause a great deal of work-related melody. When you accept a position for employment, atomic number 53 of your last thoughts is gee, I wonder if the work environment here causes a great amount of emphasis. Of course, if you are a day trader or a high risk emergency room doctor, you have some idea that your position within the organization will in item be demanding and have a level of stress that is greater than different careers. But, if you are a bank teller, college professor, or a bus driver, work-related stress may not be a deciding factor when one accepts a new job. There are various definitions defining the rallying cry stress. emphasize is a state of extreme difficulty, pressure, or strain, as specify by the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language ( reference Unknown, 2002). Stress can als o be comically defined as, the confusion created when ones mind all overrides the bodys basic desire to give-up the ghost the hell out of someone who desperately deserves it (Author Unknown). Though both definitions accurately describe stress, Robert N. Lussier, author of Human Relations in Organizations, defines stress as an emotion and/or physical reaction to environmental activities and events (Lussier, 2005). When defining work-related stress however, emotional or physical relations that occur are ... ...y and exercise. suffice produces endorphins, which help make you more upbeat and cheerful. Think positive (Lussier, 2005). It is ok to admit when you are at fault. But, once you do, learn from it, get over it, and move on. There are many ways to detect and fragility stress. These are only a few that may be utilize as a preventative measure. Of all the suggestions listed, the most important is to relax. The elderly saying goes take one day at a time. erst you have made th e accomplishment to get that great job, see it as an opportunity and not a stress filled threat. ReferencesArmour, S. (2002, May 16). Employees hear worker comp for on-the-job stress. USA Today, currents, 01a.Author Unknown (2005, January 27). Management standards for work-related stress.January 31, 2005, from http// Unknown (2002). The american heritage dictionary of the english language, fourth edition. January 31, 2005, from http// explore?q=stressLussier, R.N. (2005). Human relations in organizations applications and skill-building 6th edition. (pp. 45 50). New York, NY McGraw Hill

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