Friday, March 22, 2019

Great Teachers and Educational Leadership Qualities -Parent Student Rel

Great instructors & pedagogyal Leadership qualities motivation, school discipline & informational activity skills of teacher late Orhan Seyfi Ari A truly keen teacher with his educational activity and educational leading can inspire even education reforms. The globally popular dogma skills and educational leadership qualities make great teachers. How do a truly great teachers breeding inspire pupils and students? His behaviour way in school discipline is empathic. His teaching skills are with educational leadership qualities. In teacher student relations great teachers motivate. In recruit teacher meetings great educators help. Truly great teachers can make educational history with education reforms, social history, enable social pride...His students made the render and the nation proud(On a great educators, the late, Orhan Seyfi Aris passing away -Atun, Leader of parliament TRNC 1992)How do great teachers do that? What made Orhan Ari a great teacher? This educators exce ptional teaching skills and educational leadership qualities made him one of the great teachers. Orhan Aris teaching skills and educational leadership qualities were so great, writers and poets hailed him, people named streets after him. What were these major(ip) globally popular teaching skills and educational leadership qualities that made him a great teacher?Orhan Aris teaching skills and educational leadership qualities in education related dealings kept parents, colleague teachers, students properly happy. This great teachers teaching skills and educational leadership were enhanced by his wit and honesty. His sincere matter to and help enabled educational reforms -made him a truly great teacher who continues to socio-culturally inspire.... ...ife -Nicholas press, capital of the United Kingdom 2002)Truly great teachers globally popular educational leadership qualities and teaching skills can make educational history. This great teachers educational leadership qualities enabled education reforms -made him popular within and without his community. In retirement from teaching he was invited to confabulate and inspect schools overseas, when this great teacher passed away, retired from teaching years before, at his funeral with his spring students and pupils school children carried flowers.Great teachers are remembered. Great teachers popularity lasts. With teacher and teaching awards, in an unfinished monograph, this great teacher, Orhan Seyfi Ari, saw as greatest reward...My spiritual reward.. my darling children, my pupils, convey achieved success... The feeling of having been loved by them as I have loved them.

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