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Grover Cleveland     Grover Cleveland , the twenty-second and twenty- quaternionth President of the fall in States, was innate(p) in Caldwell, New Jersey on March 18, 1837. He was the setoff Democratic President who served two terms that did not presently followeach other. He also was the prototypical President who was choose after the Civil War.     Grover Cleveland was born the son of a country rector whose name wasRichard Falley Cleveland. His mothers name was Ann Neal Cleveland, the daughterof a publisher. Grover Cleveland was the fifth child in a family of fourbrothers and five sisters.     Grover Clevelands family let a hard life, having microscopical money andmoving around alot. After Grover Clevelands father died, he had to availsupport the family of nine on his wages as a clerk. He earned only $4.00 aweek He was unable to go to law school like he wanted to do, so he studied byhimself and became an attorney in l859. Grover Cleveland became interested in governance and held several small offices, including sheriff. He became Mayor ofBuffalo, New York, in 1881 and attacked putridness and dishonesty in govwenment.He then became Governor in 1882 and was a huge success because of his reputationfor honesty.     Grover Cleveland got married in 1886 to Frances Folsom. He was thefirst President to get married in the White House. Reporters pried into every dot of Grover Clevelands life which he called "colossal impertinence".Grover Cleveland had five children. Esther, his second daughter, was the firstand only child of a President to ever be born in the White House.     In 1884, Grover Clevelands supporters suggested that he run forPresident of the fall in States. His motto was "a public office is a public curse". He was elected as the twenty-second President from 1885 until 1889. Heserved for four years and then barely lost the next electi on to benjaminHarrison, even though he had the majority of the popular vote. In 1892, he waspersuaded to seek office again and he returned to Washington as the twenty- tail President in 1893 for four more years.     This President, called "Uncle Jumbo" by his relatives, was a hard-working President. He liked to do much of the work himself quite of assigningtasks to other people. Mr. Cleveland often stayed up until 2 or 3 a.m. goingover official business, and sometimes answered the White House foretell himself.     Grover Cleveland worked hard at reducing taxes on products that cameinto the United States, he refused lento money to farmers so that they couldreduce their debt, and he refused bigger pensions to Veterans.

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