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Cannery Row :: essays research papers

Cannery Row is a relatively simple legend with basi identifyy bittie or no plot to it. Many critics be quick to call the novel trivial and second rate as compared with Steinbecks early(a) works. However this entertain shows Steinbecks renewed interest in the amusing portrayal of the basic, uncomplicated lifestyles of the working class. Steinbeck incorporates a few themes into the novel such(prenominal) as failure and historical themes like the slump era. The book is general optimistic, but Steinbeck takes some off topic chapters to capture some of the apparition that happens within Cannery Row.The underlying story in Cannery Row is ab appear mac and the boys trying to hold a ships company for Doc. Mack and the boys are a group of unemployed men living to captivateher in the blend in down fish-meal shack. Doc is a very intelligent and caring worldly concern who runs a biological supply house. The boys set up a party at Docs place, but Doc is late to get there and the par ty ends without him there. The boys are upset about their failure. When Doc helps out their dog, the boys decide to hold another party for Doc. This time he is competent to go to it and everyone has a good time. ( Row does not have practically of a plot, but it is still very active as a social document about the attitudes of society during the depression era of the 1930s. Although the book was published after World War II had ended, it strongly suggests the depression period with both tone and spirit. The majority of the people in the novel are the unemployed are poverty stricken, but all are considered as the good people. There are also no antagonists in this novel, only people who tightly hold on to what they have, such as Lee Chong, and see everyone in distrust.

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