Saturday, March 9, 2019

Bottled Water Essay

Water a very important subr appearine of our daily lives. We use it for many affaires but most importantly we make merry it. So want it flavor, some want it cold others want it from the store some dont cargon is long is they get hexad cups a day. What it starts down to is where we get it from. Do you buy it at a store or do you just use the water supply faucet at home. Some reasons why you should buy it argon convenience and safety. intercept has its positives as strong corresponding it is healthier and better for the milieu. Here are the arguments for both sides and thither counter arguments.Bottled weewee convenience helps out a lot of people around the world. When we need to get irrigate to a shelter or to a third world country the easiest and outflank way is bottled water. It is always at that place and has a good shelf life. It was there to help people from Hurricanes to Blood drives. It is easily transportable and accessible. The convenience of bottled water als o helps people more likely to drink water in the amount they need and as a substitute for other drinks like soda.Bottled water is also safer to drink because it is easier to recall if there is something wrong with it. They are always testing and sampling the water and if something is wrong they know what jalopy is bad and where it went. It is easy to get the water back and ship out safe water to where ever the recall was. In some places bottled water is the only thing safe to drink. When disasters strike or a tapdance water system is non in place bottled water is the safest thing you can drink.Tap water is a lot healthier for you than bottled water. It is tested more and has more regulations than bottled water. With more regulations the water has less harmful chemicals and therefrom more healthier for you. Tap water like bottled water is correct by the FDA. While they are both regulated by the FDA tap water has more regulations and more testing than bottled water. Being that ta p water is distributed to everyone practically free it has to be better regulated for everyones well being.Tap water is also better for the environment. This makes it better for you. With less credit card being used there is less toxins and water being produced. sight who drink tap water usually just use a metal bottle and re-use it all the time. Tap water does not come in a container of plastic it comes from your faucet. Using a re operative container like glasses pitchers and re-usable water bottles does far less damage to the environment than plastic water bottles. Even though we can re-cycle plastic it doesnt mean that it is really helps the environment. Most water bottles dont as yet get recycled they get tossed in with all the other trash that does not get recycled.One is safer one is healthier. One helps out people in crisis while the other causes less damage to the environment as a whole. Bottled and tap water both have their benefits. Both have there purposes and are be neficial to society. Bottled water is convenient and safe while Tap is better for the environment and healthier. So open the cap or let go on the faucet and drink up. Cause we all need it.

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