Wednesday, March 13, 2019

If Winter Comes Spring Is Not Far Behind Essay

Birds get frozen, flowers get withered, from a pebble of earth to the star of sky completely get silenced. It is the time when winter jumps in. Torments, tensions, tragedies, tortures acquire up when west seethe of winter blows. Winter is the time of sweet sorrowfulness and dangerous difficulties. However, when outflow comes it brings gala days birds fly up, and flowers get bloomed. Oh Spring, you are a take to in calamities of life. Winter is the image of destruction and bareness whereas spring is the symbol of hope and fruitfulness.Around 250 thousand years ago a winter in Rome went on, in which slaves were smashed and slaughtered. Cruelity and ignorance was at peaks. At that time, a man of might and words stood like an insurmountable mountain and fought over against roman Republic for slaves. That man was Spartacus. He had almost perished the Government, but he was sliced in Third Servile War. But when he was martyred he tell these words. I leave come again, not alone, but with millions. And, yes, he came again with spring in Rome and, which perished the winter of that time.The winter of crises, problems, destruction has aerated our country Pakistan. It has brought many critical and havoc circumstances which have interpreted lives of thousands. But hopeful spring is far behind and clouds of happiness are forecast which will bring pleasures and prosperity in Pakistan. Moulana Jalal Din Rumi says, have ont grieve, whatever you lose comes in another form. So, one should push button the winter out, and make outlets for spring to come in. And, coming spring will be joyous and peaceful. If winter has come, yes, spring is far behind.Winter snatches potassium leaves of trees, smashes colours of butterflies, slaughter blooming flowers. But, when everything is lost there hope dwells and that is the spring, which has to come anyhow after winter and that is the cycle of life.

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