Sunday, March 17, 2019

Speech on Powerful Nature of Books :: essays research papers

Id like all of you to raise your hand if you have lead a book. You may be wondering what I am doing, exactly I wanted to show you something. I wanted to show you how some(prenominal) people have read books. These people don?t of all time fit into wizard category. They may be young, they may be old, rich, poor, and charge education levels differ. Books range in topics from sports to science fiction to western. At one point or another in our lives, we were probably captivated by the words or picture on the sleek pages. If that is the case for you, past you, my friend have experienced the immense power of books. You all have intercourse that books can touch hope to a hopeless soul, and they can guide one wisdom and intelligence. Maybe you have been feeling down, and in your uncivilized state, for some reason or another decided to pick up a book. While tearing through the pages, you may have seen a glimmer of hope. Gary Paulsen, the well published author shared an ex perience when books gave him hope. He was a young kid, 10 years old, and just transferred from the Philippines to a humans school in Washington D.C., He dropped his coat off in the in-room coat room, and was so frightened that he simply could not move. The teacher noticed this and went back into the room with him. She brought a book with a long horse on the cover and let him turn the pages. This enabled him to interact with the book. When the teacher snarl he was ready, she asked him if he wanted to come out. He agreed, and she held is hand as he was led into the classroom, to his seat. Paulsen?s story was just one of many another(prenominal) stories of how books instilled hope in someone. Books gave Paulsen an escape from his drunken, screaming parents, gave him a place where he could be free from school bullies. Whether a book makes you go from a rage, to just a little sad, or from sad to happy, books can give one person hope.Books can do more than provide hope. Books, as you would expect, can give someone intelligence and wisdom. While, Paulsen was a young long dozen year old living in the a Minnesota town, he was selling newspapers to drunks, trying to scrounge up some extra funds to buy nicer clothes to fit in with the popular kids in school.

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