Saturday, March 16, 2019

Essay --

The irony of Story of An Hour begins with her convalesceing out that her conserve died. Everything starts to go downhill from there. Mrs. Millard the main character dies from heart disease, she is alive when she discovers that her save never died from the train accident. Richard, Mr. Millard best friend breaks the news to Josephine Mrs. Millard sister. In the leger it explains how Richard was at the newspaper office when he waited for the telegram to see if Brently Millard score was on the killed list. He was on the list the irony of the news is that Richard was in fact wrong, Mr. Millard is actually alive. Little did he know that Mrs. Millard would eventually find out and go through her stages of letting go of the past. When she finds out she is sorrowful because she finally thought she was free from her husband. Even though we dont know for sure if her husband abused her but in the arrest she whispers free,free,free After she realizes she is free from her past and she can sta rt fresh an depart everything about it. When Mrs. Millard is whispering to herself about being free she is ...

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