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Product Launch Plan -Team-Mkt 571

Altadena information processing system increase Launch Plan Team X MKT 571 Altadena Computer Product Launch Plan Product Description Product Positioning Targeting Market Needs In 2009 approximately 870,000 full-time students were attend Canadian universities. The highest percentage increase of enrollment for undergraduates was in British capital of South Carolina (6. 4%) and the highest percentage increase of enrollment for graduate students was in Prince Edward Island (38. 1%) (AUCC. ) With so many students, Altadena Computers has a large base to aspire and market their special home run of customized laptops.Because of to the economic downturn the prediction in Canada reflects more than people returning to college to increase their job marketability. In 2009, an increase of 4. 1% in undergraduate programs and an increase of 7. 2% in graduate programs authorise the predictions. Altadena aims to provide quality merchandise that lasts extended than a few years, substitute the laptop go forth not be a concern for the student. Altadena employees depone on the students to guide them in designing the perfect laptop. Channel system Market Potential Below is data collected by demesne Bank of meshing user percentages for United Kingdom and Canada.The trend of lucre use has signifi advisetly increased, doubling in the other(prenominal) decade. In 1990, national and external Internet usage was merely nonexistent and has steadily progressed past the year 2000. In 2007, Canadas Internet usage inclined to 72. 8% while the United Kingdom ascended at 71. 7% and is steadily change magnitude into 2008. drawframe Case 1 Domestic Location Canada In 2007 Canadas population reached 33. 0 one million million million. Using the population data, Altadena Computers can cypher potential buyers within Canada.Internet percentages will be valuable in determining the average annual consumption and a measureable selling monetary value of $950 per laptop. This set may be considered an expensive pecuniary however, Altadena Computers must realistically visualize price and profits of the investment. At a selling price of $950 per laptop, customer base of 3,300,000, and an annual consumption of 10 percent of Internet users, 7. 28%, Altadena Computers market potential is calculated at $228,228,000. Case 2 International Location (United Kingdom) bone Analysis (Canada & England)SWOT Analysis (Canada & England) Threats and opportunities atomic number 18 equally justifiable. Yes, Altadena Computers may be a upstartly player in the game but that does not determine a disqualification for Altadena Computers. This only symbolizes a significant role on behalf of Altadena Computers to orchestrate industry and terminationive market strategies to compete with existing and forthcoming competition. Currently, management anticipates threats because of change magnitude competition, transportation costs, pecuniary regulations enforced by the government, and d emographic shifts in the market.However, as there be threats, opportunities also exist. Altadena Computers does more than provide college students with cost effective, support service of process laptops, Altadena Computers is providing essential tools and contributing to societys development. Consider Canadian Internet usage in 2008. According to the Publications section of the gentlemans gentleman event Book, Internet usage in 2008 was 25. 086 million users from a population of 33. 487 million residents. Most Internet users are educated meaning they have at least an undergraduate degree.Therefore, it is imperative that Altadena Computers provide this service to college students because laptops are in high ask for students. Competition In a market of such(prenominal) magnitude, competition is expected to be fierce and strong. Dell, Hewitt Packard, Wal-Mart, MicroCenter, and Frys are approximately of the few dominant competitors in the industry. With the exception of Dell Com puters, creature comforts these businesses present are their ability to showcase products and provide instant gratification. Customers can assess the product and leave with their merchandise.Although instant gratification is necessary for some consumers, not all customers require their product instantly. Some would prefer to install their laptop necessities and incur offering provided by Altadena Computers. The logic here is not to dismiss the competition for the possibility of that occurring is relatively short lived. Altadena Computers is a new and emerging business in the industry. Many lessons can be in condition(p) that can be applied that were previously encountered by the competition. Marketing Objectives and scheme Pricing Market Communication Canada and EnglandCommunication in marketing carry can serve as the process by which influential instruction is conveyed, shared decision making is encouraged, programs are created, power is put into effect and commitment and lo yalty are built. Communication is the bond that holds together carry of dissemination. Marketing communication builds awareness of a business, its products and the businesss strength through customer interaction materials such as brochures, press releases, weathervane sites and other forms of direct, indirect and interactive marketing.Marketing communication represents the voice of the brand and is one way to establish a dialogue and build relationships with consumers (Kotler & Keller, 2007, p. 279). Altadena Computer Company must have an in-depth understanding of the companys target audience and the process of buying, selling, and communicating to customers. Marketing communications are the fashion by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumersdirectly or indirectly some the products and brands they sell (Kotler & Keller, 2007, p. 279).The marketing communication mix consists of six major modes of communication (Kotler & Keller, 2007, p. 279) Sales Promotio n is short-term incentives to encourage trial or leveraging of a product or service. Public relations and Publicity are programs promoting or protecting company or product image. Direct marketing is the use of mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or solicit response or dialogue from peculiar(prenominal) customers and prospects. Personal selling is face-to-face interactions with prospective purchasers for the purpose of making presentations, tell questions and procuring orders.Publicity Canada and England Distribution outline Domestic and International A distribution strategy describes how a business will generate and persuade demand for a product or service. Distribution Strategy involves shifting products for bode of formation to points of utilization by the end user, in a cost-effective method. Distribution strategy will identify how a business will manage the brand. Distribution strategies come is various forms (1) producer ? consumer, (2) manufacturer? retail merchant? consumer, or (3) manufacturer? wholesaler? etailer? consumers. The process can involve longer channels including agents and brokers Types of Distribution Channels Canada and England Distribution Strategy The primary distribution for Altadena Computer domestic and international customer will be manufacturer to customer. The customer will have access live assistance to keep orders and ask questions, through the Altadena Computer website or with a customer service representative that has the knowledge and ability to service Altadena Computer customers. Altadena Computers Distribution StrategyAltadena Computers must take advantage of the distribution opportunities. For example, gaining permission from domestic and international educational institutions to place brochures in the building were students have access to the information. other distribution opportunity is setting up a demonstration playing area at domestic and international universities and colleges to provide information and a glim pse at the product to the potential customer. Customers preferring to buy online will have to meet orders and allow Altadena Computers to sell directly to customers.Customers can also engage in another distribution strategy with Altadena Computers specialized customer service representatives to adjacent deals. Altadena Computers distribution program will focus on the needs of the customer. fiscal Information Market Research Conclusion References Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (2009. ) Retrieved March 7, 2010 from http//www. aucc. ca/publications/media/2009/enrolment_10_22_e. html https//www. cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ca. html https//www. cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/uk. html Common wealth (2009) United kingdom. opulation. Retrieved 3-7-2010 http//www. thecommonwealth. org/YearbookHomeInternal/139560/ Kotler, P. & Keller, K. (2007). A Framework for Marketing Management (3rd ed. ) New island of Jersey Pearson-P rentice Hall. Kotler, P. and Keller, K. L. (2006) Marketing management (12th Ed. ) New Jersey Pearson- Prentiss Hall. Statistics Canada (2009) Population and demography. Retrieved 3-7-2010 http//www41. statcan. gc. ca/2008/3867/ceb3867_000-eng. htm World Bank, World Development Indicators (2010) Internet_ users as percentage of _ population. Retrieved 3-7-2010 http//www. google. com/publicdata

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