Friday, March 22, 2019

Identifying Drugs of Abuse Using Gas Chromatography :: Forensic Science

ScenarioOn the 23rd of September 2015 at 2258, Mr. Rob Slone was arrested on chancel Road, West Bridgford on possession with intent to supply. A large summate of cash was found on the suspect and a beauty containing inscrutable launch pads and powders was recovered from the riverbank, in close proximity to the location of the arrest. A respite with off- white powder, an off- white powder in self sealed pocket book and a tablet in topic flaps were seized from Mr. Slones property. At the riverside, a 5 note, a tablet in paper wraps and 2 off- white powders in self sealed bags, were seized.Physical interrogativeAimThe evidence is physically examined to determine the equity of the seized substances before any destructive techniques ar used. initiationIn forensic science physical examination of the evidence is indwelling as if the packaging is not correct evidence can be lost or accessed. A chain of custody is importantphotography is inherent, any photographs should be taken before the evidence is moved.MethodsExhibit MF/2Before any destructive techniques were used on the exhibit, the integrity of the packaging was determined. The tamper evident bag containing the exhibit was examined to check if was decently estimateled and sealed. Upon receipt of the exhibit the continuity label was signed to image the integrity of the exhibit. The tamper evident bag was cut and opened. The yellow paper wrap containing the white tablet measured 1.8x 4cm. The yellow paper wrap was opened to remove the tablet. The exhibit MF/2 was photographed with scale. Visual examination indicates that the exhibit is a white tablet with a manufacturers logo CO/COD. The imprint suggested that the tablet could be co-codamol. Co-codamolThe tablet was weighed in a plastic weighing boat to prevent any contamination. The tablet weighed 0.6001 grams.All the information was noted on a General trial run Record.Exhibit DR/3Upon receipt of exhibit DR/3 the continuity label was signed. The tamper evident bag was cut and opened. In the bag in that location was an off white powder in a sealed bag. The bag containing off white powder was weighed. It weighed 0.80823 grams.Results and discussionPhysical examination is essential for the integrity of exhibits. The exhibits must be physically examined before any techniques that would degrade are used. The exhibitsThe aim of the experiment as a forensic psychoanalyst is to examine the seized items visually before the presumptive tests. ExhibitsBag NumberSamantha NaasDR/3D10025448MF/2D10025224Catherine TuckeyDR/2D10025606MF/3D10025590Lee berryDR/1D10025639MF/4D10025438Presumptive testsAimThe presumptive tests are carried out to get a preliminary identification of the controlled sample and are used for qualitative analysis of the unknown substance.

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