Friday, May 3, 2019

Play and Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Play and Work - Essay recitationReally, the working process usually brings much pleasure. As for me, I work to realize my abilities, feel myself significant, not to misplace time. The given paper will prove that even the richest people cant do without everyday work. How do we benefit from work? First of all, work teaches people how to be liable. This explains wherefore children from roaring families are eager to work. They want to hold the responsibility for their future and do not want to written report only on their parents. The sense of responsibility helps us build a happy family. A somebody who is not responsible for his/her own life will not be able to experience responsible for the family, indeed his/her family will not be strong and happy. Moreover, the sense of responsibility of the countries citizens is the guarantee of states thriving and prosperity. The word work is the antonym to the word idleness, and we know what consequences idleness may have. tear down if a person has money and may not work for it, he/she still should take crusade to make the money work for him/her. This is also a work that will not allow this person to appear without a penny one day. When a person is doing nothing, it leads to wastefulness and wastefulness in its travel leads to poverty. There are many examples that testify that idleness is destructive. Any amount of money can be easily spent during a short period of time. Thus, even the richest people cull to work quite an than doing nothing. Furthermore, many rich ones know pretty well that it is not very easy to become rich, thus they do their best to save their money and the only way to save it is to continue working. The work helps us be healthy and in a good shape. When we do not work, we are degrading and our constitution is not developing. We need constant practice in order to keep the knowledge we once gained. That is why old people prefer to work even after retirement. They do not want to lose the skil ls and knowledge. Old people also state that working after retirement help them feel schoolgirlish and healthy. Every work is beneficial. Unfortunately, in our society people prefer to respect only intellectual work. It is precious high and, thus, brings more money. Certainly, intellectual work demands getting an appropriate education, therefore many people do their best and sacrifice much in order to receive a good education. However, I envision manual work to be not less important. In the article brains as well as brawn Mike Rose talks about the injustice that presents in our society. The author shares the feelings he had reflexion a carpenter working I am watching a carpenter install a set of sliding French doors in a tight wall space. He stands back, surveying the frame, imagining the pieces as he will assemble them. What angle is required to create a threshold that will draw water? Where might the sliding panels catch or snag? How must the casings be remade to match the wo odwork in the rest of the room? And how can he put it all together fast plentiful and smart enough to make his labor pay? (Rose 337). Here we can see that the work of carpenter is really difficult and unique, it demands much efforts. Unfortunately, nobody thinks about it and nobody notices his work. In our modern world everybody wants to become an economist, a manager, a translator, but there are few people who value manual work. We prefer to value the work of accountant or a doctor, but never notice the work of, for example, a waitress and the number of tasks she has to implement

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