Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Google in china Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Google in china - suit of clothes Study ExampleIn return, the users have viewed its advertisement messages and images. As Google aims at making learning profitable and acceptable via its search engine, the online community has been useful to the company in promoting its performance and competitiveness within the spheric market.The companys mission has also allowed it to participate in circumventing censorship of information by governments. The achievement of implementing the marketing strategy within Google is determined by its effectiveness in promoting access to information by societies, especially in countries, such as chinaware, where the government is determined to suppress access (Jones, 2011). It is however noted that Googles china operations are not aligned to its mission. In its endeavor to make information useful and acceptable within China, the company has been limited by the censorship of the government. Regardless of the dilemma touch the companys values, princ iples and mission, the company entered the Chinese market. The companys entry into China was motivated by the irresistible and large Chinese market, which would promote its advertising revenue.After Googles online services in China were restored, the company officials claimed that it had not changed anything in its service offering (Jones, 2011). Users were hopeful that the company was able to maintain its mission for enhanced access to useful and acceptable information via its search engine. Nevertheless, the companys users in China realized that they could not access some information. This revealed that the companys searches were being censored even more by the government. For instance, sites on political information would not be accessed. These illustrations reveal that Googles Chinese operations were not congruent with its mission. This is due to the fact that the information that was acceptable and useful to the Chinese people was steady

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