Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bursary Personal Statement for MA programme in Public Service Essay

Bursary Personal Statement for MA programme in Public Service understand at the University of Surrey in England - Essay ExampleI am looking forward with excitement to a professional passage as a Public Service Interpreter (PSI), after completion of my victor of Art (MA) degree at the University of Surrey. This degree in PSI will give me an excellent jeopardy to continue to make valuable contributions to my community while applying my academic, linguistic and theoretical skills. The opportunity of a career in PSI is limitless and I feel fortunate to have been accepted into the program. I send off to fully devote myself to my studies and work smartly and tirelessly to achieve my goals.My career has spanned both government and mysterious sectors in two countries. A stint in the academia allowed me fulfil my passion for service which has been a life long one. I have excelled in a wide variety of roles in legal, communicating and business consulting fields. I have received numerous certifications and awards while undertaken personal and professional career breeding training. In recent years, I have had the opportunity of working as a Legal executive director/PA, and an (ad-hoc) Interpreter with the GREC (Grampian Racial Equality Council, Aberdeen, Scotland). My responsibilities in these jobs ranged from performing legal research to documentation and translations. However, my most recognise role involves interacting and providing support to the community.

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