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GeronimoGeronimos grandfather, Maco, had been the chief of the Nedni Apaches.He had been of great size and strength. When Maco had been chief his principlewars had been against the Mexicans. They were seldom at great length of heartseasewith the Mexicans. When Macos son (Geronimos Dad) became a warrior, Maco died.Geronimos father could not become the chief of the Nednis, because he marrieda woman from the Bedonkohe Apaches. The two had 8 children- four boys and fourgirls, including Geronimo. The incident that one of the boys would becomechief of he Bedonkohe was very slim. His mother taught him the legends of hispeople taught him the sun and sky, the moon and stars, the clouds and storms.She also taught him to kneel and pray to Usen fir strength, health, wisdom, andprotection. When the children were young they would influence with each other andsome periods with their mother and father. When they were grown up enough to doreal services they went to the field with their p arents not to play, but totoil. They did not make tobacco, but they found it in the wild. All ofGeronimos tribe smoked, both men and woman. No boy was allowed to smoke untilhe could hunt alone and kill bear-sized game such as wolves, bear, deer, etc.Geronimos father died when Geronimo was at a young age. They wrapped hisfather in his finest clothes, painted his face, wrapped a productive blanket aroundhim, saddled his favorite horse, bore his arms in front of him, and led hishorse behind, repeating in wailing tones his deeds of courage as they carried hisbody to a cave in the mountain. They then slew his horses and gave way all hisproperty, as was customary in our tribe, after which his body was deposited inthe cave, his arms beside him. Geronimos mother never married again, whichwas not a custom to the Bedonkohe Apache. In 1846, when Geronimo was 17 yearsof age, he was admitted to the council of warriors. If a war had startedbetween tribes he could go on the warpath with his tribe. Geronimo had longdesired to fight with his warriors. What he was the happiest about was that hecould marry Alope, the daughter of No-po-so. The two had been with each otheralong time before. So when he got the news that he was in the council of

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