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How does Steinbeck present three characters who are outsiders? Essay

The novel Of Mice and man wrote by Steinbeck. Steinbeck in 1930s he trying to say how was 1930s in the the States .In 1930s John Steinbeck is trying to explain how people were migrating from confide to place. The reason why people migrated was because people need money as a resolvent of economic depression. Just for that reason the people are moving to a nonher place to fix money. Can you imagine every time you migrating to place to place .The novel is full outsiders .What is an outsider? An outsider is when somebody who is excluded from the community for a reason or for reasons.The reason why this so signifi groundworkt is because in those days there was great amount of depression, massive unemployment and migrant workers. At that time whizship was the only key to get people together or love each other. This is same situation we withdraw in this novel which includes everything I have already mentioned.Firstly example curleys wife is an outsider from novel. Stein Beck shows tha t by not giving her a name. He shows in this 1930s America women did not have their own identify .if they have not got an identify they cannot get a name .In 1903s women were used, only for cooking , house work and many other horrible things .. When she talks to crooks she is saying I could get you strung up on a tree so it easy it aint even funny in sentence we can fulfil curleys wife is racist to crooks because crooks is black thats right she hates him. She I s saying how easy it is to get crooks strung up We can manipulate through crooks the racism in America .Another example Steinbeck includes Curley wife to show the sexism in America in the 1930s.Where she grew up there was lots of fight because he husband curley is doubting man .For example On day curley looking his wife because she is not in the house. So he came bunk house wait to every body in the bunk house they said no then curley asked where is slim they said he went to do some work .Then he get angry and shut the doo r hardly .Because he is always doubt with her wife so he thing she go with slim because he is wife is actual sexual life-she had none of except with curley and there has probably been no consummation there since .Curley would not consider her gratification and would probably be suspicious if she had any. Consequently she is little starved. She involves a friend to be respected .Her different kind of girl.Secondly Lennie is an outsider because he is a mentally disabled, he has like a childs mind and he dont understand when somebody talking to him. Am saying this because when George before killed him, he was saying this How long, how long it will take to have a home and to have hares? we can see from this sentence he has like childs mind because he is saying how long, how long? he asking like a child.Lennie like to touch soft things .Lennie now I wont get to tend the rabbits. This shows us when lennie touch the soft things that will die Because lennie is too strong but he doesnt kno w how strong he is. Another example for lennie when he takes the, mice dies in that time. He always dreams to get so many rabbits and to have a nice home with his best friend George .Some times he gets angry suddenly his anger rose God damn you he cried. Why do you get killed? You aint as mice. This shows us he cant tend the rabbits because George said if you do bad thing you cant get tend the rabbit and land because if lennie do bad things he cant live on a place. Lennie before kill Curleys wife Lennie was stroking her sensory hair because lennie likes to touch soft things .When Curleys wife said permit go and shout to lennie and lennie gets angry but lennie doesnt want to let her because her hair is so soft. Then lennie trying to stop her to shouting and shut her mouth but by accident he broke her neck and she died. Steinbeck foreshadows this. He is a super man, in contrast to his name.He has limited intelligence, so he relies on George to look after him. He copies George in ev erything George does and trusts George completely. Behind him(George)walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws. His arms did not swing at his sides, but hung loosely.He shares a dream with George to own a second of land. Lennies special job would be to tend the rabbits .He likes to pet soft things, like puppies and dead mice. We know this got him into gravel in Weed when he tried to encounter a girls soft red dress she thought he was going to assail her. He can be forgetful George continually has to remind him about important things. He is very gentle and kind, and would never harm anyone or anything deliberately. He is extremely strong he can work as well as two men at bucking barley. He is often described as a child or an animal he drinks from the pool like a horse and his huge hands are described as paws.third crooks is the only bl ack person in the ranch it makes him an out sider.He is the lowest of the lowest and we can see this when Curleys wife say bad things crooks development her status as a white woman over him. Crooks always left out and woman love to have a friend. These shown when lennie comes into his ranch and let him sit down. He also takes his anger out on lennie by saying George wont come backside. He is trying to make him feel how crooks has been feeling all his life crooks have some dreams but it cant be really but his dream is to have good family and to have children and his other dream is not racism black and white.Crooks physically disabled .Crooks black stable worker. He is disfigured and is out sider as well as candy. He has a place of his own and stays there by him self .He doesnt want a company. He also want to part of George and Lennie dream. He said that he would work out. He is only new who understands lennie, be sides George, and be friends him. He looks quondam(prenominal) lenni e mental handicap and lennie looks past crooks physical handicap. Crooks are the black stable hand or buck.He is the only permanent employee at the ranch, since he injured his back in an accident. His back gives him constant pain. He is the only black man around and is made to be isolated by his colour he cant go into the bunk-house or socialise with the men.He is always called the nigger by the men, which shows how racism is taken for granted. The men dont mean to diss Crooks every time they call him this, but they never think to use his name All this has made him proud and aloof. He is lonely S redact you didnt have nobody. Spose you couldnt go into the bunk house and play rummy cause you were blackA guy postulate somebody-to be near him.I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an he gets sick.The only time he mixes with the ranch hands socially is when they fork over horseshoes and then he beats everyone He has his own room near the stables and has a few possessions. He has books, wh ich show he is intelligent and an out of date copy of the California Civil Code, which suggests he is concerned about his rights. He has seen many men come and go, all dreaming of buying a piece of land, but is now cynical, as no one has ever achieved it.

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