Friday, April 19, 2019

Trends Executive Memo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Trends Executive Memo - Essay ExampleFurther, technology will tending in the collection of evidence for use in courts, and in surveillance of chastening centers to reduce the time out incidences that have been on the rise. This is a major step into the future which ought to happen soon. However, serious planning and strategizing is necessary before taking the steps (NRC-US, 2002). Partnership between the state and private security agencies will be enhanced. This will ensure that security information is shared as received from the public and actions taken in a team fashion.The correction department in the country has experienced a number of challenges. overly the increased breakouts, it has been noted that many inmates get connected to the outside friends through the help of the wardens (Gingrich & Worthington, 2013. Pg. 365). This has to stop. Every correction center must have installed surveillance system to monitor activities within (Priest & Arkin, 2011, pg. 76). These system s, from all centers, will be channeled to the head office surveillance department in real-time.The future of the security is that collaborative units will sketch together to ensure that the public is secure. Further, technological innovations will replace the manual entries and surveillance making the live on easier to execute and monitor (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2005. pg. 245). Each of the departments will, therefore, perform their mandate with connectivity and collaboration rather than

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