Friday, April 26, 2019

Function of afterlife Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Function of futurity - Essay ExampleWritten in the form of interviews conducted from the famous souls had already departed from the world, the author has assumption the message that the individuals leading a life in service of humanity in one substance or the other would be in peace and under the blessings of the Lord in heavens. On the contrary, the persons, who had inflicted the breed and sufferings upon the fellow humans, are sure to undergo punishments in inferno in afterlife (31). As a result, the individuals including Shakespeare, Edison, Pasteur and others, would be blessed against their wonderful contributions carried out in the field of art, medicine, literature and others. Similarly, the despotic rulers, evil-minded politicians, pagans and purported dogmatists would nourish to undergo the wrath of Lord for their wickedness and misdeeds (48). Hence, if the individuals give up and forget believing in the messages and lessons plain mentioned in the Holy Scriptures that hu mans are not responsible to anyone after death, everyone will start inflicting harms, injury and throbbing pains upon others (67). On the contrary, strong faith in God as well as His system, based upon justice, truth and benevolence, teaches the humans to be kind, sympathetic and compassionate towards others. Consequently, the author has conveyed the universal message of bash and benevolence through his under-investigation work, which urges the readers to observe chastity, mercifulness and compassion towards one

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