Saturday, April 27, 2019

Adolescent Identity Development based on Race and Sexuality Essay

Adolescent identity element Development based on Race and Sexuality - Essay Examplestanding the significance of conclusion is necessary not only to deliver treatment but also to be able to incur for themselves skills that transcend cultural barriers to treatment.The urgency of these needs has been highlighted in several researches. Sue and Sue (2002) emphasize that hotshot of the primary steps to be taken is the study and recognition of culture in therapy. Counseling methods should conjecture this and program methods to help cultural assimilation without sacrificing appreciation for cultural heritage (Vontress et al, 19999). McGuire-Snieckus and associates at the same date realize also highlighted that standards for c atomic number 18 should reflect these changes that therapy should have a greater social and personal order to be able to effectively address care needs. The need for intercultural communication and understanding in therapy is an character of greater social empo werment amongst cultural groups and is critical in developing tolerance and cooperation among various groups (Neuliep, 2006). The selected populations of the study, Hispanics, have a distinct cultural heritage that greatly influences the manner by which the y perceive, acquire and respond to therapy. Johnson (2006) reflects that as a subject group they show how the sensitivity to cultural factors can contribute to the achiever of programs. Cox and Ephross (1998) cite that ethnicity should be considered not only for their value in the development of identity or perceptions but also in the manner of response that subjects have to new cultures.From the interviews done for the purpose of this research, it is unornamented that there are many misconceptions within and outside the Hispanic community that actively influence perceptions regarding therapy. in that location is great attachment among the population for family and cultural heritage that emphasizes religion and traits that are considered to be trademarks. There are many taboos developed form these beliefs that may deter counseling particularly those related

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