Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saint-Saëns Essay Example for Free

Saint-Sans EssaySaint-Saens third violin concerto is Romantic in style. The melodic get out rapidly rises and falls, and rhythmic values are varied from fast, foot race notes to longer more lyrical lines. At times (such as the beginning of the second movement), the melodic line is fluid and elegant. This trait is typical of the composer and of French unison in general during the late nineteenth century. In fact, the author of the textbook remarks that Saint-Saens displays an elegance of melodic line in his medication, which is not unlike the fluidity of the French language. This characteristic can be attributed to the composers nationalism. The accompanying orchestra is rather enceinte (though not as large as those employed by Bruckner or Strauss), another sign of the composers Romantic and anti-German tendencies. The music is tonal, with cadences articulating the ends of musical theater sections. Form Though, as the author of the textbook remarks, French composers were al so trying to create new forms of music whenever possible, Saint-Saens concerto is in the traditional three movement format.The three movements allegro non troppo, andantino quasi allegretto, and molto slow e maestoso follow the traditional fast-slow-fast pattern established with the Viennese composers Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven. Saint-Saens does, however, depart from the traditional double commentary sonata form employed by such composers in first movements. Saint-Saens concerto opens directly with the violin playing the principal(prenominal) theme, accompanied by the orchestra. Subject Matter In terms of subject matter, this concerto is an example of absolute music there is no accompanying narrative.

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