Monday, August 12, 2019

Marketing History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing History - Essay Example As a result, Hotel Seville targeted the middle and low class of New York and guests from neighboring states or countries. However, the commercial fails to express the cultural and national diversity amongst its actors that it so desired to attract during this period (Trainluvr, 2006). Instead, the guests visiting the hotel in the commercial, along with the staff, represent the majority of ethnicities existent in New York during the 1970s. The 1970s New York was not as used to government bailouts as it is today. Many of the city’s parks were grounds for widespread vices such as drug trafficking and prostitution. Finding a hotel that was not close to such places proved hard for many New Yorkers during the 1970s let alone visitors. Hotel Seville sought to capture this market and fill the accommodation market gap present in the city. A delayed cleanup by state authorities compelled hotel owners to emphasize their hygiene and infrastructure as seen this commercial. This difference in scenery and hospitality services became Hotel Seville’s primary message. The city’s economic hardship cannot reflect the most recent economic downturns nationally and within New York. Wendy’s 1984 advertisement â€Å"Where’s The Beef?† could still be effective today because it endorses a revamping of its mainstay product, which is an extraordinary beef burger. To carry out this endorsement, Wendy’s 1984 commercial has the potential to revive a national adlib. Today’s fast-food economy had several big industry players such as McDonald’s and Burger King that would easily rival Wendy’s mainstay product. As a result, employing an adlib commercial like â€Å"Where’s The Beef?† could help Wendy’s maintain its current market share and possibly extend it into its competitors’ consumer bases. A dreary economy facilitates the intensification of advisement wars by fast-food companies. Low-wage earners financial

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