Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Analysis of Several Law Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of Several Law Questions - Coursework Example This consideration applies to the accused, victims, or witnesses of a case. The identification of young persons in court is therefore restricted to police requests or court order requiring a youth to be identified by the media. b. Similarly, adult courts reorganize the need to restrict identification of young people in court. Like in youth court, the media is allowed to cover cases involving the youth if and only if the case is of national interest or if the media has received a court or police order requesting the coverage of the case. 3. According to the given information, the company does not have a valid case. Although the intended publication of the information might turn out to be disastrous to the company, there is no possibility of a court’s injunction. Although this is a complicated case, the case can be handled easily with the right application of media laws. Firstly, the case is of public concern since the workers are members of the public. According to the constitution, the public has the right to information. A matter of public concern such as the cut of employment positions will be important news to the public. Based on this argument I will be able to raise a defense against my accusations. 4. a. The press complaint commissions will consider certain arguments in adjudicating claims of intrusion of privacy (Parkard, 2007). In the given scenario, the commission will consider arguments related to the security of the couple. 6. a. According to the copyright law, the newspaper has a case to answer for subsequent usage of the photographs without the photographer’s permission (JISC, 2006). This is because the newspaper had only been given the rights to publish the pictures  once.

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