Thursday, August 22, 2019

As a firm grows the lines of communication are often stretched Essay Example for Free

As a firm grows the lines of communication are often stretched Essay As a firm grows the lines of communication are often stretched. To overcome this meetings could be set up to keep people informed. The companys span of control could be re-emphasised so that workers know whom to report to and who to inform of their orders. A clear structure and hierarchical pyramid will reduce arguments in the short term. Team building exercises are a modern way of improving morale, team spirit and efficiency. They are a long-term measure to keep all managers striving for the same aims and goals for the company as a team. I have been assigned by the company Koka Kola to sort out the problem they have where a new base 50 miles outside of there London head quarters has been built. The problem is the communication between the two bases; I need to find the best way to communicate between the two bases. Business Objectives The Business has objectives it must achieve; the businesses main objective is to set up a new communications system between the London Head Office and the newly built Production Site. The problem with this is that it may clash with another objective, Profit. If the company is to spend money on a new communications system it must make sure that the money spent on the system, staff, marketing etc, does not overshadow the money made by sales and other sources of profit. This, although a big problem could have benefits in the long term. If the money spent on setting up the Communications System is more than the profit made that month. In the months after when the System is set up, the benefits in profit as a result of the it being set up could be far greater than that in past months before it was made and so in the future could eventually be bigger than the amount paid on the Communications System and maybe even the Production Site. This concludes that although the short-term objectives maybe conflicted, the long term must be waited upon in order to reap the benefits. Communication: Communication is the process of passing information from one person to another. Once the target receives the information it is acted upon and feedback is sent to the original sender. An example of communication in business might be a company producing cars. The message might be an advertisement on television telling customers about a new car. The target will be the segment of the market interested in buying a car. The feedback will be the level of sales when the magazine first goes on sale. Communications are important in a business because it keeps the company working on the right track. For example if a marketing director who never asked the customers what they wanted in a product made a set up an advertising scheme on television, the advertisement would be based on the directors interests rather than the views of the customers. The customers wouldnt be interested and would turn a blind eye. The problem with the business I have been appointed to is that the business is splitting into two bases amongst which people will work who would normally communicate with each other. I have organised an interview with a worker from a local business to find out what methods of communication they use: 1) How many methods of communication do you use in your business?

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