Thursday, August 29, 2019

IT Project Management 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

IT Project Management 2 - Assignment Example He is supposed to chart out the nature and extent of efforts to achieve the project deliverables. A crucial role of the project manager would be to hire the project team. The nature of the project team can be a critical factor in the success or failure of the given project, since the team is small with specialist roles and the subject matter experts have thus been recruited (DiTullio, 2011, p. 13). Another crucial role for the project manager is to select an appropriate vendor for the project. The Project manager is supposed to personally take care of all the vendor interactions. A vendor agreement is to be developed by the project manager, so as to guide the project team as well as the vendor representatives towards achievement of project objectives (Lewin, 2001). Assistant Project Manager. The role of the assistant project manager shall be to act as a deputy to the project manager in all the aspects of his project related duties. In the presence of the project manager, he shall ass ist him in all his functions. In his absence he shall be required to fulfill the roles in the capacity of a project manager. HR Expert. The HR expert is supposed to play a very important role in that he is to chart out the set of HR guidelines to be adhered to while designing the HRIS software. He is also supposed to assist the project manager in carrying out the HR needs identification for the project. The timely inputs by the HR expert will pave the way for the research team to establish the survey goals for the HR and the project needs identification (Elbeik & Thomas, 1998). The HR expert shall advise the project manager on the scope and functional ability of the various aspects of the HRIS software to be developed insofar as it meets the HR needs of the organization. The HR expert shall guide the project team at various stages of the project as to the feasibility of the functionalities of the various modules of the project plan. The HR expert shall assist the project manager on the dry runs for the project. The HR expert will be responsible effective assistance to the project manager on the following two particularly important aspects of the project management; 1. The Expert Judgment on the project quality through cost-benefit analysis of the project activities. 2. The Training of the project team on the HRIS as well as the Training of the staff. The HR expert shall chalk out a Training deliverables plan particularly for the employees of the Organization. HR Assistant. The HR assistant shall assist the HR expert on all the aspects of the functions of the HR expert. In addition, the HR expert shall personally ensure that the judgments arrived at by the HR expert are properly implemented. The recommendations of the HR expert shall be communicated on a routine basis by the HR assistant.

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