Friday, October 18, 2019

Substance Abuse Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Substance Abuse - Article Example Through the journaling technique, I took down relevant notes on shared information which are deemed crucial to the healing process. As I was attending the meeting, there were different thoughts that crossed my mind, such as (1) how dedicated and committed are the alcoholics and the family members who attended the meeting; (2) do they really see the group (Alcoholic Anonymous) as an effective tool for recovery; (3) how different are the views of new and old members in terms of AA facilitating ways for their recovery; (4) does it help the alcoholics more when family members are present; among others. Initially, the meeting started by the presider announcing relevant events and activities to be participated in by alcoholics, family members and interest guests. Then, during the discussion the presider reminds members of the Twelve Steps which are the guiding principles for recovery. Old alcoholic members who have fully recovered shared their challenges and rewards for undergoing the program; while members were still anxious and apprehensive to share experiences. Every experiences shared were expounded by the preside r where interesting thoughts were emphasized and confirmed through validating experiences of others. I honestly thought that it would be an instrumental contribution to be part of this community as a presider, a coach or mentor to assist people with drinking problems on the road towards

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