Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Critical perspectives on Management (this is not the topic of essay) Essay

Critical perspectives on Management (this is not the topic of ) - Essay Example Though management has improved over a period, most things have remained the same. Management theory and practice have been touted as the most important as one of the important strategies however the scientific management and theories and practice differs a lot. In that the scientific theories that we learned from Fall to what really is on the ground brings out its main difference. Whether it’s because of its objectivity, cost or even expertise if fails in achieving its core objective. The focus of this study will be the critical issues about the assumptions in business and also why a lot of careful consideration has to be done and why management theory and practice is not after all the most effective management tool. The practice employed might be realistic it is not enough to administer the same theories over and over. It is easy to describe though some theories have been very important to the world of business they have brought about negative examples to the business industry and it is therefore important to analyze what does not work for the firm and management. The assumption of scientific theories help in managing business not forgetting that they are expensive to incur and set up for any firm and sometimes they are not tailor made for the organization. The critics of this ponder just because a feature like a decentralization worked in company X that is a multinational does not make it a must to work in company Y. Thus, it will not be realistic to assign one organization on the mere fact it worked in another (Schweiger(1991). Though the scientific management theory focused more on employee it failed to realize that sometimes the challenges may not be an employee but the resources and expertise accorded to him/her. It also focused on the human behavior only in the workplace and not everywhere the employee would visit (Schein, E.H. (1980). The other theory is the, general administrative theory which

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