Saturday, October 19, 2019

Over-education in the Graduate Labour Market Essay

Over-education in the Graduate Labour Market - Essay Example As the essay declares over-education refers to a situation whereby a person holds a job for which they are overqualified. Thus, when used in the context of the graduate labour market, the term implies that degree holders are employed in jobs whose skills requirements are much lower than the skills they have acquired at college or university. Put in another way, the graduate is underemployed. For instance, a holder of a degree in electrical engineering who works as a salesperson of cars can be described as being underemployed. A person does not require a degree in engineering to sell cars. The skills of such a person would be better utilized if they were employed in a company that manufactures electrical appliances.This paper highlights that scholars have advanced many reasons to explain why the citizens of a country may become over-educated. The two most cited reasons are skewed government policies and high levels of unemployment. In its efforts to enhance access to higher education, the government may open the doors of higher education so wide that everyone goes through. A common way by which governments around the world accomplish their goal of making higher education more accessible is by transforming middle-level colleges and technical training institutes into universities. Unfortunately, the same governments do not step up efforts to create employment opportunities to match the rising number of graduates. The result is often a flooded job market where, in desperation, the graduates snap any job that comes their way.

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