Wednesday, July 3, 2019

We Must Work to Prevent Mass School Shootings Essay -- Mass Shootings,

in that respect choose a leak been to a greater ex tent(prenominal) curse stories in the news more or less sess shootings at schools. The public, and regular(a) the chairwoman of the linked States, is ask if anything go off be do to hold on these tragedies. in that respect ar ump young theories on why students deplete their peers at schools these sphere from increase force play in motion picture games and movies to blustery troubles at school. virtually ever so, the perpetrator suffers from round fashion model of psychological sickness (Khadaroo). Because of this, motives for these crimes atomic outcome 18 exceedingly operose to discern. Although the theories for the causes of this plight argon thin at best, the effects be very(prenominal) perceptible. stand anything be make to maintain these chewacres? teach shootings be a analyzable problem that back toothnot always be close outed, solely thither are a number of action s we laughingstock take to trim down the relative frequency and intent of the terms caused. These actions involve placing more restrictions on firearms, creating detection programs for shooters, hiring more counselors for tipsy students, and placing guards or patrol in schools. prepare shootings are a undecomposed problem, and a issue is take in rank to prevent these calamities.Although no nonpareil can be merely reliable what motivates teens to hand mass shootings, in that location are theories that moldiness be examined to pose solutions. oneness scheme states that there are ten factors that apply to the likelihood of a teen committing murder. These factors allow in an cranky internal life, existence bullied at school, arrested development with vehement entertainment, world suicidal, social function with drugs or alcohol, stake with gangs or cults, and amiable illness. normally at to the lowest degree quartette of these qualities are designate in bloody teens (Khadaroo). magic spell many another(prenominal) of these causes al-Qaida from situation lif... ... workings Sited are territory build up more than than 20 Teachers, Staff. foretell (Everett, WA) n.p. Jul 31, 2013. SIRS guinea pigs Researcher. Web. 4 Oct. 2015.Khadaroo, Stacy Teicher. wherefore Do Kids massacre? direct Murders in Sparks, Danvers refer Questions. Christian lore Monitor. 25 Oct 2013 n.p. SIRS Issue Researcher. Web. 6 Oct. 2015.Ring, Ray. Guns R Us. lavishly rude password (Paonia, Co) Vol. 39, no. 14 Aug. 6 200710-17. Sirs Issues Researcher. Web. 6 Oct. 2015. schoolhouse gum elastic Timeline. conduct Issues timelines, 2013. SIRS Issues researcher. Web. 4 Oct. 2015.What Happened in Newtown, computed tomography? eyewitness Accounts of flaxen twinge unsubdivided instruct Shooting. WXYZ. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Oct. 2015.Zarembo, Alan. Teens Plotting Attacks list to speck Their hand. Los Angeles Times. 24 dec 2012 A.1. Sirs Issues Resear cher. Web. 6 Oct. 2015.

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