Saturday, July 27, 2019

The international day in The united Arab Emirats Essay

The international day in The united Arab Emirats - Essay Example 145). There is youth day, women day and Jazz ceremony all being international events. Basing our discussion on the Jazz international day, it is worth noting that the ceremony held every year. It involves individuals from the different groups that are members of the United Arab Emirates; for example in 2013, there was a Jazz event at Dubai. This one of the largest member states of Emirates, and the ceremony theme was on uniting culture. Jazz Amalgam ceremony aimed at uniting people, discouraging members from civil war and promoting peace and harmony among the member states. During this event, People would understand one another and get to take each other as brother. The songs and dances would be educative and directed to peace making. They would help in assisting people understand the negative impacts of conflict and civil wars. The dancers would present performance of insecurity, loss of life resulting from conflict hence encouraging members to love one another and work towards protection for their own and reduction of terrorism. For example, in the 10th annual ceremony at Dubai, dignitaries from various nations such as France were invited the event, which is said to be symbolic. The federation leader was observed to sit at the central position leading the opening remarks. Scholars have observed that this was a sign of unity as the federation leader acted as a mediator who would help unite Arabs with western nations such as U.S.A. The France ambassador was present to learn more of Arab culture, and this would help reduce emerging conflict among the western and Arab states. Furthermore, in the 10th annual ceremony, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Thelonious chairman were present to participate in intercultural dialogue. This was a special event as it marked the beginning of unity among the western British and the Arabs. It is said to

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