Saturday, July 27, 2019

Managing Business Operations - Supply Chain Essay

Managing Business Operations - Supply Chain - Essay Example In order to meet its customers’ demand by providing quality services they decided to introduce IT in their business operations. Later on they ended up with problems as there was no integration between the systems of different units. Every individual department maintained its own account of activities properly but had no knowledge of what is happening in other departments. The lack of integration between different departments often created problems for the company. Thus, managing and integrating the affairs of all the units and departments became a tough task for a single person. Most often problems were detected after its occurrence. There are many processes involved in their business, beginning from order for freight to dispatch of the freight at the desired destination. The customer here is the company who places the order for transportation. The first process is the receipt of order from the client. Based upon the order, the company locates and sources the goods. The next p rocess is packaging of the sourced goods. Packaging is the process that requires intensive care. Goods may be breakable, or of exploding or evaporating nature etc. Each type of goods must be appropriately packaged so that no loss occurs to the customer due to destruction of goods. Dispatch of defective goods also affects the credibility of the company. The goods are packed and insured by MLH to secure the goods from loss in transit.

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