Thursday, June 13, 2019

Research method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Research method - Essay ExampleThe hypothesis of the study states that improved verity is observed when slight modifications are made to the original ARS scale. The revision of the anxiousness scale makes it more precise and more relevant in communicating to the athletes, so that they can better express their level of stress, anxiety and self-confidence.The Anxiety Rating Scale ARS has been used frequently which led to its suggestion that some modifications might rear the productivity regarding the concurrent validity of the instrument. Two revisions were made to the original ARS and its results were compared with the original ARS. The study used 180 college-age volleyball players for this study. The results indicated that the revision yielded the largest correlation with CSAI-2 subscales. The results were similar in the males where the revision 2 yielded the largest correlations connected with the cognitive and somatic anxiety, but not for self-confidence. Across genders the revi sion 2 resulted in the highest correlations for the three categories cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety and self-confidence. Correlation coefficients were found to be .67, .69 and .75 respectively. The conclusion suggests that the revision to the original ARS model resulted in the highest level of concurrent validity when the participants were intramural volleyball players.The journal phrase discusses a very important topic measuring the results of revised anxiety test. The article is complete in the sense that it begins with an introduction that goes on into explaining the background, then turns to methodological analysis and then concludes with the results. It gives the reasons why there is room for improvement in the ARS. The ARS had been associated satisfactorily with Kranes (1994) revision of Mental Readiness Form (MRF-L). Previous studies show that ARS is pretty correlated with anxiety and self-confidence subcomponents of CDAI-2 (Cox, Reed & Robb, 1997). The outline is clear and states that

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