Thursday, June 20, 2019

Application of the Nursing Process to Delivery Culturally Competent Essay

Application of the Nursing Process to Delivery Cultur eithery sufficient Care - Essay ExampleAlthough the Hispanics still reserve aspects of their traditional heathenish beliefs, medical care should be sought because it is necessary for longevity. Therefore, in order to cant a competent service to them, I would have to heavily invest in communication (Adrian, J. et al., 2013). Although the Hispanics have lots of differences, I would strive to understand all the environmental, physiological and psychosocial factors influencing their communication process. After acquiring such knowledge, I would not hesitate to establish a healthy interpersonal communication and relationship with them (Betancourt et al., 2011).For me to part with competent services to the Hispanics, I would strive to deal with any barrier such as linguistic limitations and the use of verbal and non-verbal cues at all times. To do this, I would have to be a critical listener who gives enough time to my unhurrieds t o express themselves. Also, if need arises, I would have to involve the support of the patients close friends or carers (American Association of Medical Colleges, 2013). This would help me to overcome the ethical dilemma of confidentiality and benevolence that might arise.For me to deliver culturally competent and sensitive healthcare services to the Hispanics, it should be incumbent upon me to carry out an informed cultural assessment. This would be done using the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence, an assessment representative developed in 1995 to help in carrying out cultural studies by healthcare providers. Here, I will apply the Sunlight Model to help me in understanding how the Hispanics cultural values, beliefs and traditional practices influence them (Office of Minority Health, 2002). It is an assessment model that would make it much easier for me to have knowledge of the all aspects of the Hispanics including their attitudes, cultural beliefs, perceptions and major iss ues of heath concern to them. As minorities, the

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