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Proposal & annotated Bib Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Proposal & annotated Bib - clause ExampleBecause 50 Cents is such a popular figure, I pass on chosen him to examine if he is an appropriate role model for the youth. I want to explore what types of controversies he has been involved in, his background and experiences. Steps involved in this work are reviewing available articles and published information that tells something about 50 Cents. Research will cover his boyhood, his experiences as a drug trafficker up to the time from where he is now, a well known rapper. Articles to be reviewed will also touch on the views about the rap and hip-hop culture, and how it has been affected by controversial rap songs. The overall goal of this work is to provide information that the man is not a good influence to the youth. Annotated bibliography Birchmeir, Jason. 50 Cent Biography. bumpkin Music. 2011. http//new.music.yahoo.com/50-cent/biography/ Author wrote a descriptive narration of how 50 Cents became a successful rapper. Birchmeir detail ed in this article that the drug trafficking experiences and jail sentences the rapper served became his consumption in writing his rap songs. Birchmeir told the rappers story from the standpoint of somebody who knew the rapper from childhood up to the time that he got famous and ample thru rap songs. Author did not forget to mention the successful rap songs drafted after actual accounts of drugs, crimes and dim experiences that easily captured the imagination of the youth. The authors apocalypse of the rappers countenance with drug lords that nearly caused rappers career is descriptive of the mystery that surrounds it. Author comes from the music industry, all Music Guide, and should be well versed on all accounts of singers. His article about 50 Cents is well-researched, updated and comprehensive. Catlin, Johnson A. Rap criticism grows within own community. 2011. http//www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/03/05/entertainment/main2537326.shtml Johnson describes in this news story, the barbaric debate over the feat of rap to the society, as she observes an alarming decline of its sales. She made an opinion based on the declining sales of rap music, that after 30 years of popularity, it is now suffering from bad sales due to criticisms of negative effect of the rap music to society. A recent study of the Black early days Project, mentioned in the article, showed that youths think there are too many violent projected in rap songs and that 50% of respondents think hip-hop has negative effect to the American society. It is no longer an art form and negativity is all included in its form, says the writer. Author best described the effect of negative raps to society, and elicit the criticism not of her own, but coming from the community that once hip-hop has served well. This article could support the answer to the hypothesis of the research proposal. Encyclopedia of World Biography. 50 Cent. http//www.notablebiographies.com/news/A-Ca/50-Cent.html The Encyclopedia a rticle about 50 Cent chronicled his entire life. This article that did not provide an author, said that 50 Cent used his life experiences, such as growing up in the streets of New York, becoming a gangster, drug trafficker, and a survivor from assassination, as the meat of his rap songs. Article said that critics noted his songs had gritty edge such that he was predicted to become a hot copy in the music industry. 50 Cents, who is Curtis Jackson, in square life, was featured in the article, as someone who eked out a living

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