Sunday, November 24, 2019

Unit 5 ICT - Backup Policies essays

Unit 5 ICT - Backup Policies essays Think about Who, When, Where, What, How. You should know about full backup, incremental backup, generations of backup, online backup, periodic backup. An evaluation report can be written to decide on what software to buy. Factors to be considered include: Ease-of-use (including the HCI) Availability of technical support Compatibility with existing software and hardware Results of benchmark tests into performance Each factor is given a weighting according to the needs of the organisation. At the start of the systems life cycle, decisions have to be made about how to acquire the software that is needed. The options are: Software can be written by the end user A specialist department could design, write, test and evaluate the software External consultants could be called in to write and test the software An off-the-shelf package could be bought Software could be leased, with an annual fee payable for use. You need to understand the option of software emulation and the problems associated with it. Software can be written by the end-user (maybe using an application generator). What are the dangers here? You need to understand the difference between Alpha Testing and Beta testing. You need to understand the advantages of RDBMS software and the principle of normalisation. Evaluate the design of the database and arrange for necessary changes to be made Maintain the data dictionary (see below) This is a database about the database. It includes information about: Data lengths and field types Data validation restrictions This is an interface between the operating system and the user, which aims to make access to data as simple as possible. Its other functions are: It allows users to store, retrieve and update data It maintains the data directory ...

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