Monday, November 18, 2019

Strategic human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Strategic human resource management - Essay Example Besides the cost and the effort involved in developing this system, Natural Knibbles will also need to train its HR managers to operate this system or else they have to be replaced. Thus with the development of both its niche market and new products, Natural Knibbles will have to recruit new people. This hiring will have to be done very carefully in line with the organizational culture but at the same time people with different knowledge and skills pertaining to the new markets and products will have to be hired. Till now Natural Knibbles primarily employed people in the production department but the expansion might make recruitment in senior management positions necessary of people who have expertise in developing and managing products for people with severe allergies. At the same time training has to be deployed to current staff specially regarding the care which has to be employed in carefully manufacturing products for hyper-allergic people. Diversification will also need to new investment issues and the generation of capital. Thus Natural Knibbles will have to figure out ways to generate new capital and cut down on its costs. 2) Describe the steps that Natural Knibbles would need to develop an effective HR plan The first step which Natural Knibbles needs to take to develop an effective HR plan is assessment. The owners of natural Knibbles need to take into account the needs of the company and its people. It should find out about the kind of expertise the company would need if it branches to introduce a new line of products. Then it can evaluate its present employees and figure out and chalk a program for training and development of existing employees. The company should also perform an internal and external analysis to find put about the opportunities and threats and the company's strengths and weaknesses. The company should also make budget allocations to both training and development and for new recruitments following which they can incorporate their pla ns. Workforce planning will also need to take into account the demographic patterns of the workforce and thus assessment of employee turnover and retiring employees will also be taken into account before making projections about growth. All this planning will be done within a limited time frame and a deadline will be set for the achievement of all objectives. The company will also conduct an evaluation of its performance and its employee performance which will generate the right feedback resulting in optimum performance. The generation of capital will include Natural Knibbles evaluating its fixed, variable and overhead costs to reduce cost and increase revenue. Side by side it will have to locate the source of funds. 3) How would the HR plan as described above help Natural Knibbles to implement its changes and achieve its new strategic objectives? Natural Knibbles will prepare an implementation plan to to achieve its strategic objectives. First of all the top management of natural K nibbles will ensure that this plan has the complete approval of all three decision makers and no one has any doubts about the plan. Secondly the plan will be communicated effectively to all employees since the company is highly employee-oriented. Implementing these and putting the plan into action will lead to employee satisfaction and development in the company. The employees

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