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A Psychological Perspective of The Turn of the Screw Essay -- Henry Ja

A Psychological Perspective of The flex of the fundament heat content James was one of the famous writers during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He was known as an innovative and independent newist. One of James novels, The Turn of the Screw (1898), has caused a lot of controversy among many critics, and each of them has had a event interpretation. James creative writing built a close connection mingled with his novel and his readers. The reactions of the readers toward The Turn of the Screw can be researched psychologically by analyzing how James developed his story using questionable incidents, an unreliable narrator, unannounced changes, an interesting prologue, and effective images and words. The influences of Jamess writing on his readers can be explained clearly from a psychological perspective. Readers have their individual perceptions and experiences which are defined as ego. Sigmund Freud pointed out that under the effects of the international initi ation, the ego starts to react in various forms such as storing, adapting, learning, or fighting against external events (2). The external world includes all the things happening outside human minds such as activities in real life, in movies or in books. When readers react to the behaviors of the Governess and some other characters in The The Turn of the Screw, it means their ego responds to the story that is the external world in this case. Since the perception and experiences of each person are different from the other, the reactions to this novel are varied. Moreover, Jamess story was written in a very school way, which is likely to lead to complex reactions. Henry James skillfully has his readers integrate into his story. While the readers are reading T... ...Screw. Works Cited Auchincloss, Louis. Reading Henry James. Minneapolis University of atomic number 25 Press, 1975. Freud, Sigmund. An Outline of Psycho-Analysis. New York W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1969. James, Hen ry. The Turn of the Screw. The Turn of the Screw and otherwise Short Novels. New York New American Library, 1995. Luckacher, Ned. Hanging Fire The Primal Scene of The Turn of the Screw. Henry Jamess Daisy Miller, The Turn of the Screw, and Other Tales. Ed. Horold Bloom. New York Chelsea House Publisher, 1987. 117-132. Nunning, Ansgar. Unreliable Narrator. encyclopaedia of the Novel. Ed. Paul Schellinger. Chicago Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998. 1386-1388. Wagenknecht, Edward. The Tales of Henry James. New York Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 1984. ---. Seven master of Supernatural Fiction. New York Greenwood Press, 1991.

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