Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The real Zhuge liang which different with Romance of the three Research Proposal

The real Zhuge liang which different with Romance of the three kingdoms - Research Proposal Example different Chinese leaders, both ancient and current, examining how the Chinese cultures are portrayed in the novel, and to find out how these cultures are being still being observed the current. Romance of the three Kingdoms is one of the highly regarded Chinese classics that are gathered into a semi-fictional mythical work of arts which highlights what took place during the era of Luo Guanzhong (Guanzhong, pg3). Despite the fact that the incidences portrayed in this novel took place 1700 years ago, this duration of history can be described as the golden age of chivalry and since then, characters such as Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang and Cao Cao have become Chinese household names. This novel gives the story that is partly legend, partly historical and partially mythical. It chronicles the historic lives of feudal lords and their royals who labored to either restore the dying Han Dynasty or form another well established kingdom in its place. Even though the novel captures more than 100 characters, the major concern is the remnants of the Han Dynasty that finally formed the three nations Wei, Wu and Shu (Guanzhong, pg8). The novel deals with personal, army battles, conspiracies, plot s and how these states struggled to attain dominance. It also elaborates on how the Chinese view their past in a cyclical manner. Thesis statement: The life of Zhuge Liang has a positive significant to the lives and manner of ruling by the present Chinese leaders. On the other hand, the Chinese cultures during the time of Zhuge Liang were very dominant and their applications are still being practiced today. Drawing ideas mainly from the novel, the relationship aspect of Zhuge Liang legendary in the Romance three kingdoms is highly elaborated. Game play revolves around managing numerical data, each representing a character of a city or an individual (Guanzhong, pg12). For instance, a town would have data showing the amount of food kept within its wall, its susceptibility to disasters like

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